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Just clean, all-natural food!

Victory Dog Food® is a natural, hand-made, raw food designed to bring your pet into optimal health.

Victory Dog Food® meals are made with premium human-grade USDA inspected raw meats, bone, and fresh vegetables.  All of our ingredients are locally sourced and our meals are produced in-house.  We use no imported ingredients.

Victory Dog Food® meals are conveniently freezer packaged and can be delivered to your home or office.  There are no by-products, fillers, or preservatives.  We use only the freshest ingredients available.

Many conditions in dogs, such as digestive issues, skin problems, arthritis, and premature aging, can be linked to poor nutrition.  Try Victory's raw dog food for a month and you won't believe the changes in your pet!   

Some of Victory Dog Food's happy clients!

These are the choice ingredients in our pet foods:

* Top quality beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, rabbit , pork, duck, salmon, and whitefish varieties* * Venison, pheasant, and quail available by special order * * Fresh bone and organ meat * *Green Beans** Yellow Squash * * Green Squash * * Kale * * Romaine * * Cucumber * * Celery * * Blanched Carrots * * Dandelion Greens * * Radish * * Parsley *

Each ingredient offers specific health benefits.

Victory Dog Food's® grinding process maintains the wholesomeness of all our ingredients.

Quality and variety are imprtant in your dog's diet. There are many additional foods that you can add to Victory's raw food that provide even more health benefits.

Another happy, healthy Victory Dog Food tm customer!

Some of the health benefits your pet will experience with a fresh raw diet:

* Decrease or elimination of allergy symptoms*

* Increased energy * Shinier coat *

* Improved mobility * Fresher breath *

 * Decreased gas *

* Decreased volume & smell of feces *

*Diminished predisposition to cancers and other diseases*


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